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Video Tour

School Gate to Security Post Security Post to General OfficeGeneral Office to Boardroom 

Boardroom to HOD Room HOD Room to Canteen Canteen to School Field 

 Canteen to Basketball Court  Staircase 2 to Staff Room    Staff Room to Hall of Respect


Staff Room to iCare Room    iCare Room to Science Room  Staircase 2 to Computer Lab 1  


 Computer Lab 1 to Library Staircase 2 to Music Room 1   Music Room 1 to Music Room 2 

 Music Room 2 to Art & Craft Room 1  Art & Craft Room 1 to Art & Craft Room 2 Music Room 1 to Computer Lab 2  

Computer Lab 2 to Computer Lab 3  Computer Lab 3 to IT Learning ResourceStaircase 5 to Life Science Laboratory