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Principal's Message

Message from the Principal

As we take a long view of education, to prepare our students for an increasingly challenging future, our staff, parents and students are elated that we have also delivered on good academic output in 2019. The good PSLE showing is achieved with seventy-two percent of our Primary 6 students reporting that they have enjoyed the experience of preparing for the PSLE. We believe in the adage that if you enjoy the process, the results will take care of themselves. The joy of learning and the pursuit of academic excellence are not a complex set of options that are mutually exclusive. No “black and white” thinking at Wellington Primary School.

To build resilience, we help our children learn that school work is not the source of stress but rather the lack of skill to do the school work is. Learning a skill can be hard work, but learn the needed skill and the stress from work is no more. Our teachers teach our children to reappraise a situation to make the situation more positive, problem-focused, and challenge-based - so that our children think about it as something they can solve. This is part of social-emotional learning that teaches and targets the skill sets and competencies that underscore our children’ availability to learn. Effective learning requires children to have good social and emotional capacities.

Scientists have long known that mistakes are conducive to learning. Research now supports the theory that the more mistakes we make, the better we are learning. Innovation is impossible without making lots of mistakes. Internal assessment, homework and school project work seems akin to a scientist’s work. Children must be allowed to make mistakes (but not the same mistakes) and learn from them. On the other hand, the rockets that carry satellites and human being into orbit offers but one chance to get it right. One defect would be one too many. Losing a quarter-final match seems akin to building a rocket. One defeat and you are out of the competition. No “black and white” thinking. Knowing when to play safe and when to have the dare to make mistakes is also good for our children to learn.

Much to teach and much for our children to learn, but we remain committed to delivering an even better education to our children, nurturing the whole person and providing all our children with a well-rounded education with the relevant skills to be future-ready. 

I take this opportunity to wish all Wellingtonians, friends and stakeholders of Wellington Primary School, a happy and successful 2020.

Albert Alcantara