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School Safety Mission

The School Mission, Vision, Core Values & Philosophy

Safety Mission

To empower every individual, nurture talents, and groom leaders to stay safe, think safe, and play safe.

Safety Vision

Safe place to learn and work.

Our Philosophy

Every child can learn and wants to learn.

Safety Philosophy

  • One life lost due to safety lapses is just one too many.
  • Every stakeholder can learn and wants to learn about safety.
  • Safety is a shared responsibility of every stakeholder.
  • Heightened safety awareness through education and perseverance to ensure safety regardless of the hindrances are critical to maintain safety.

School Motto

Empowerment Through Education

School Safety Motto

Empowerment for Safety Through Education

RICE Safety Values

  • Respect & Responsibility for a safe environment
  • Integrity & Innovation for safety practices
  • Care & Community for everyone’s safety
  • Excellence & Empowerment towards a safe environment to work and play in


Safe Schools for All Alert Staff & Pupils Focused & Clear Expectations Excellent Practices

School Safety Policy

The SAFE Outcomes in the WTP School Safety Framework guides the formulation of the School Safety Policy where the school aims to:
  • Establish and maintain a Safe school / environment for our pupils, staff, stakeholders, and partners.
  • Provide information and instructions to pupils, staff, stakeholders, and partners, to enable them to be Alert and avoid hazards, and empowered to be responsible for their own personal safety.
  • Provide safety briefings and trainings to pupils, staff, stakeholders, and partners, with Focused and clear expectations communicated.
  • Formulate Excellent practices and procedures for school safety and for evacuating the school premises in the event of a fire or other emergencies / incidents.