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About Us

Brief History

Wellington Primary School started functioning on 2 January 2001. The school was built by MOE at a cost of 11 million dollars. It is situated at 10 Wellington Circle in the Sembawang vicinity.

School Vision

Becoming an excellent institution that provides a global STAGE to grow World-ready Talents & People

School Mission

To empower every individual, nurture talents and groom leaders.

School Discipline Vision

To empower Wellingtonians to make responsible decisions based on the RICE2 values.

The Personal Mastery Board was established in view of a whole school educative process that teaches values in a structured way so that Wellingtonians are self-disciplined and care for others.

School Discipline Mission

Self-disciplined Wellingtonians who demonstrate care for others.

Wellington Student Management Philosophy

We foster Personal Mastery through our modified Kolb’s Learning Cycle of ‘Learning by doing, doing until we become’ – nurturing the right attitudes by practising the right habits until it becomes engrained into our lives.

School Motto

Empowerment Through Education

Our Aspirations

To be thinking pupils,
Willing always to serve and do our best.
To learn to love and respect ourselves
And in so doing,

To learn love and respect our teachers,
Our school and our Singapore.

Our RICE Values

Respect and Responsibility
Integrity and Innovation
Care and Community
Excellence and Empowerment