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School Mission, Vision & Values


To empower every individual, nurture talents and groom leaders


Becoming an excellent institution that grows future-ready leaders



School Values

Rice is an Asian staple food. It is therefore symbolic for us to use RICE2 as the acronym for our school values. We want to digest the values everyday so that we can internalize these values through our ‘Learning by Doing, Doing until we Become’ philosophy. RICE2, which stands for Respect, Integrity, Care, Empowerment, Responsibility, Innovation, Community and Excellence, are values that apply to both our staff and students.

Our belief that every member should be valued also means that we should strive to respect different opinions or perspectives and uphold the basic rights of each individual. Mutual respect is the basis of every relationship between two persons.

As purveyors of knowledge and values, especially of honesty, we must strive to uphold the truth in our words and deeds. Having integrity also means that we must stand together in any crisis with an aim of resolving it amicably and with minimal, unnecessary or negative impact.

As the second home for young children aged 6-13, we must provide a caring, comfortable and safe environment for our young to learn, play and grow. Safety must always be the hallmark of our care culture. We believe that we need to build a culture of care by first showing show we care for our staff. When care for our team like family, they will have the emotional energy to look after the needs of our little ones as if they are looking after their own children.

We believe that when every one plays his/her part diligently and well, our organizational effectiveness and efficiency will improve and our students will benefit by learning more and better.

Innovation is central to the culture of Wellington. Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise are the core attributes of individuals who will taste success in the globalized knowledge economy. Like Thomas Edison, we will have to learn by trying out new things. We cannot expect new results by doing the same things.

Following our motto of Empowerment through Education, we have chosen this value to underscore our belief that our efforts to educate every individual – child or adult – will help each individual feel that they have more choices as well as the ability to seize these opportunities. Our commitment to empowerment is demonstrated through our efforts towards holistic development of every individual. The adoption of Distributed Leadership model for decision-making is a practice to facilitate Autonomy, one of key features of a culture of empowerment.

The RICE2 values form the basis of our efforts to build a culture towards becoming an Inviting School with Creative Learners. The various efforts, structures and systems supporting the RICE2 values will help us to Empower Every Individual, Nurture Talents & Groom Leaders to shape a future where Singapore is a great place to live, play & work.