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Physical & Health Education

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Holistic Health @ Wellington!

Our Mission

To develop the emotional, intellectual, physical and social domains through the physical activities and programmes incorporated at each level.

Department Goal

To empower every student to demonstrate individually and with others, as a leader, the physical skills, practices and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, and healthy living.

In line with the school’s vision, “Becoming an excellent institution that grows future-ready leaders”, the department seeks to empower every student to demonstrate individually and with others, as a leader, the physical skills, practices and values to enjoy a lifetime of active and healthy living.

Physical Education is an important aspect of a student’s educational experience and when taught in a safe and supportive environment, will contribute to the development of the emotional, intellectual, physical and social domains. It seeks to lay the foundation for students to lead a lifelong physically active and healthy lifestyle by building a strong foundation in fundamental movement skills (FMS) and broad-based development. FMS will be taught across the activity areas of Athletics, Dance, Games & Sports, Gymnastics, Outdoor Education, and Swimming.

In the activity area, Physical Health Fitness (PHF), students will learn to make connections between health concepts and elements of sports sciences and pick up good habits in nutrition, exercise, safety and hygiene. Through the teaching of Outdoor Education (OE) in PE, students will understand more about the environment as they develop skills to navigate, assess risks and make decisions about their own safety, while enjoying the outdoors. In Primary 5, students attend a 3-day camp at a venue outside of school. Lastly, the teaching of ‘RICE2’ values will also be integrated into the physical education curriculum. Reflective and facilitative questioning and guided discovery will help them to understand and apply the core values.

The Scheme of Work (SOW) is based on progressive learning objectives and aims to cater for the individual student’s needs and abilities. A balance of individual, team and competitive activities is integrated into the curriculum to cater to students’ needs and abilities. Coupled with varied and flexible teaching styles, the school hopes to provide appropriate, stimulating and enjoyable learning situations for all students.

A strong, meaningful curriculum is essential in providing a variety of activities to develop students’ gross motor skills in physical education classes. Gross motor skills include the command over major muscle groups. For example, kicking or catching a ball. Assessing students periodically is necessary not only to ascertain that they have understood the purpose of physical education, measure improvements in their motor skills and physical activity but also that they will learn Communicative, Collaborative & Interpersonal, Thinking & Organisation skills as part of the journey in becoming well-rounded individuals.

Students are assessed in various ways:

  • Teacher observation: students’ progress is monitored as learning takes place during PE lessons
  • Teacher-designed tasks: the wide range of tasks which the teacher sets for the students to complete and be assessed 
  • Student observation: Peer assessment the use of checklists and technology 

In Wellington Primary School, students are divided into four houses, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. As the activities in the Physical Education Curriculum require students to be attired in clothing which allows them to move quickly and freely, all students must wear the PE attire for PE lessons, T-shirts tucked in at all times. Students who are unfit for PE lessons have to produce either a medical certificate or a letter of excuse provided by their parents. 

Students will adopt the five practices of exemplary leadership; Role Model the way, Inspire a shared vision, Challenge the process, Enable others to act and Encourage the heart. They will also adopt a positive growth mindset of ‘Yes, I can’ and ‘Yes, I will’ in and exhibit a minimum of Level 2 behaviour during PE lessons.


Our Programmes

Primary 3 SwimSafer 2.0 Programme

As part of the school’s Physical Education Curriculum, the SwimSafer 2.0 Programme is conducted for all Primary 3 students. This programme aims to impart swimming proficiency and reinforce the importance of water safety to all our students. It is compulsory and conducted on Friday, CCA Day. To obtain a stage certification, a student is required to pass a practical assessment and an online theory quiz which is accessed through Active SG portal. The quiz has to be taken within two months after completing the practical assessment. Students are allowed multiple attempts. 

To sit for the quiz, students have to: 
(i) Log into the ActiveSG Portal 
(ii) Enter the Assessment Code, BC/NRIC and Date of Birth 
(iii) Click LOGIN 
(iv) Click ‘Start Theory Quiz’ to begin 
(v) Click ‘Submit’ to complete the quiz 

Electronic certificates (e-Certs) would then be awarded to students who have passed both assessments. Parents / Guardians can print the e-Cert through their child’s / ward’s ActiveSg account.

Intra-Class and Inter-class Games

To build students’ character through PE & Sports and provide an opportunity for students to collaborate and engage in a competitive environment, all Primary Four and Six students participate in the games. Primary Six students also have the opportunity to hone their leadership skills during the Primary Four Intra-class games as they have to organise and plan the games for their juniors.

P5 Leadership and Adventure Camp

The camp is organised annually to provide our students with the opportunities to lead their peers during team building games and through the activities, be equipped with leadership skills. They develop resilience and learn the values of perseverance and team spirit when they overcome the physical and emotional challenges that they might face while attempting the high, low elements activities and the Challenge Rope Course. Various fun and educationally stimulating activities, anchored on the school values, are also organised to reinforce the importance of good performance character.

Blood Pressure Monitoring Programme (Primary 5)

In collaboration with the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF), the Blood Pressure (BP) Initiative @ Schools programme seeks to inculcate in our Primary Five students the awareness of good blood pressure readings. The programme aims for them to share the skills and knowledge learned with their family and to take the blood pressure measurements of their adult family members.


WELL’ympics has been organised since 2007. The event starts at 8.00 a.m. with the school assembled in their brightly house-coloured contingents. It officially starts after students faithfully recite the Athletes’ Oath to respect and uphold the true spirit of sportsmanship. All day, Primary One to Six students, eager to contribute points to their respective houses, participate in the Challenge stations, Cheer Competition and Competitive games. Teachers and parents also sweat it out in the Parents-Teachers House Challenge.

Termly Healthy Lifestyle Week 

To promote healthy living, students play games, take quizzes and listen to assembly talks during the Healthy Lifestyle Week.