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Sports Club

Name of Club Teachers-in-Charge Days Time Venue
Mr Shahrin (P6)
Mr Wong Kok Ching
Ms Siti Faradina
Mr Lim Joo Ghee (P6)
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
Mr Wong Kian Kei
Mr Tan King Yang (P6)
Ms Lee Yijun
Mr Nick Chen
Mr Robin Teo
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
Ms. Yew Ci Hui
Mdm Zhang Hui
Mrs Claira Aw (P6)
Tuesdays 7.45 am - 9.45 am TBC
Table Tennis
Mr Deng Liqiang
Ms Nurashikin Aziz
Mrs Selena Lai
Tuesdays 7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC

Performing Arts

Name of ClubTeachers-in-ChargUnieDaysTimeVenue
Mrs Eileen Lam
Miss Zhu Lizheng
Mr Indra Gurung
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
Chinese Dance
Ms Karen Koek
Ms Liyo (P6)
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
 Malay Dance
Ms. Sarah
Mr. Airi (P6)
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
 Creative Dance
Ms. Kumari
Mdm Seri Rahayu
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
 Indian Dance
Mdm Kalyani (P6)
Mdm Saras
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
 Brass Band
Mdm Qu Hong Wei
Mdm Norjannah
Ms L Lalitha
Ms Gayathri
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
Choir Ensemble 
Mr. Alan Tan
Mdm Jennifer Lee
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
 Dance Sports
 Ms Kavitha
Ms Yvonne
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC


Name of Club Teachers-in-Charge Days Time Venue
Green Innovation
Mr Siva (P6)
Ms. Loh Ting Tuan
Ms Seren Oh
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
Infocomm Club
Mr Roslee
Mr Idris (P6)
Mr Cayman Loh
Ms Alexis Tung
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
Media Club
Mdm Rohaiyah
Mdm Christina Wong
Mrs Phebe Kumar (P6)
Mdm Hidayati (P6)
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC
Visual Art Club
Ms Wong Jia Lei
Mdm Goh PC
Ms. Grace Soh
Mdm Lakshmi (P6)
Ms Oh GE (P6)
Ms Trixie
Tuesdays7.45 am - 9.45 amTBC

PAL Deployment w.e.f. 2 Jan 2015

PAL Coordinator: Mrs Michelle Soh

Primary 1 Primary 2 Primary 3
OE Module OE Module Visual Arts Module
Ms Sim Chin Mei
Mr Fairus
Mdm Karuna
Ms Sim Chin Mei
Mr Eric Lim
Ms Baizurah
Ms Siti Rahayu
Mdm Lee Wee Fong
Ms Linda Chew

Name of Teacher
P1 Attentiveness
Mdm Sulaiha
P2 Benevolence
Mdm Thanam
P2 Creativity
Mrs Karen Ten
P2 Diligence
Ms Sikin
P2 Enthusiasm
Mdm Ida
P2 Forgiveness 
Mdm Nora (P6) Foundation
P2 Generosity
Mdm Wong JN (P6)
P2 Honesty
Mr Hong Yew Meng

Name of Teacher
P2 Attentiveness
Mrs Ho Yoon Kee
P2 Benevolence
Mdm Zulaiha
P2 Creativity
Ms Yvonne Tung (P6)
P2 Diligence
Mdm Zhang Li
P2 Enthusiasm
Mrs Prem
P2 Forgiveness 
Mdm Lalithaa
P2 Generosity
Mr Kaarthik
P2 Honesty
Mdm Wang GH (P6)

North Zone Soccer Finals Live Streaming

Administration Manager : Ms Ng Woan LingSenior SPE : Mdm Siti Nurjannah
Operation Manager : Mr Vasu DashICT Executive : Mr Rasis
Admin Executive 
: Mrs Tamilselvi Sukumar Technology  Assistant : Mr Farhan
Operation Executive : Mr Wilson Lim 
 Multimedia Educators : Mr Shafie
 Management Support Officer : Miss A Gnanamani  : Mdm Rina 
 : Mdm Koh Geok Choo Librarian : Mdm Helen Lee 
 Corporate Support Officer : Ms Tan Guek Wah Alice Dental Therapist : Mdm Nuzi Hussien 
 Teacher Aide : Ms Ong Hwei Peng School Lab Tech : Mdm Pushpa 
 Lobby Ambassador : Mdm Kamisah Security Officers : Mr Syaiful 
 Operation Support Officers : Mdm Norini Mohamad  : Mr Nah 
 : Mdm Tan Siang Kiaw  
 : Mdm Ros Noni Bte Elias  
 : Mr Shafree  
 : Mr Shukor  


Dear Parents,

As we draw closer to your child moving into Year 4 it is time to start the process of organizing their participation in our 1:1 Program. Over the past three years the students at Wellington Primary School have had the opportunity to have a device in a 1:1 capacity, a device that further their learning that is owned by them, as opposed to a school supplied group of devices, which are shared amongst a large group of students.

Digital technologies are continuing to transform the way we live our lives, work, play and learn. Mobile devices can be used in educational settings as an annotation tool; to enable creation and composition; facilitate social networking; and provide rich tools to capture and edit video, audio and images. Wellington Primary School is continually striving to serve the needs of our students in an authentic way. One of the key ways to do this is through integration of technology to ensure that all students have the opportunity to become competent, discriminating, creative and compassionate users of a range of technologies. Integration of technologies, through a 1:1 program has the potential to engage students in ways not previously possible, to enhance their achievement, to create new learning possibilities and to extend students' interaction with their local and global communities.

During 2015 we have evaluated our 1:1 program and its effectiveness on student learning at Wellington Primary School and are confident that our students are greatly benefiting from being involved in the program. A major component of this evaluation has been looking at our preferred device at Wellington Primary School. During the year we have visited several schools that have used other devices to implement a 1:1 program and have run a trial program using iPads to be able to see the differences in devices and how they serve our programs and students at Wellington Primary School.

After running the trial we have gathered our own data alongside feedback from the students and staff, and consulted with members of school council. Taking into consideration all of the information at hand we have made the decision to change to a 1:1 program in 2016 where our Year 4 students will use iPads.

The selection of a device for a Primary School 1:1 program is a complex one. However, our ICT Team are confident that, on balance, the iPad is the most appropriate device to meet the needs of our students and our school in the foreseeable future, taking all factors into account. 

Some of the greater contributing factors for this decision have been;
  • Cost to families
  • Weight and size of the device
  • Greater reliability of the iPad (less need for technical support)
  • Additional content creation for students (iMovie, Garage Band, etc.)
  • Maintaining educational benefit
  • Increased collaboration between students is achievable
Devices such as laptops and PCs will continue to be available to be used as appropriate and we will continue our philosophy of embedding technology into our teaching and learning to facilitate learning, as opposed to being the focus of learning.

What do parents need to do?

Please note that all information is correct as of 10 February 2016

We will be holding a parent information evening on October 28, at 7pm in C Wing to talk about the information below and answer any questions families have.

One of the benefits from the program becoming iPad based is families are able to go out and purchase their device at a time that suits them. Through the online portal that we have used previously, families needed to pay for their device and then wait up to 2 months before it was delivered to the school, then additional time was needed for one of our technicians to set up the machine. With the iPad our technicians will only need to upload our schools Wi-Fi certificate in the first day or two of school in Term 1 and the device will be ready for learning.

There is a wide range of iPad models available for families to choose from, but we ask that the following guidelines be adhered to, ensuring longevity of the device.

  • Regardless of which iPad model families choose (iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro) there will be a storage need for the devices. We would recommend a minimum of 32GB of memory. Students will need this amount of storage so they are able to keep work throughout the life of the device at school.

  • For schoolwork the iPad only requires Wi-Fi capabilities. The addition of a SIM card is not required. The additional cost for this feature would be a family choice to make depending on how the device may be used at home - however during school time students would not be permitted to use cellular connectivity, and would be using the schools' Wi-Fi allowing our internet filters to manage the devices.

  • For the work that students will be completing on their device we would recommend either the iPad Mini 2 32GB $429 or iPad Air 32GB $629. These are the current base model devices and will provide students the functionality required for their learning. Other models such as the iPad mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro have some additional features which families may wish to have in their device, but this would be above the requirements of the 1:1 program. All iPads regardless of model function under iOS9, the current iPad operating system.


We will be providing a list of Apps (software) that students will be required to have in their iPads before bringing the device to school. Most of these Apps will be free through the App Store in iTunes (see below for more information on iTunes) however others will have a cost attached. We will only be asking families to pay for Apps if it is deemed necessary and beneficial to students learning.

iTunes / Apple ID

To acquire new Apps the iPad will need to be linked to an iTunes account linked to an Apple ID. This is where the iPad will also be backed up to. There are two ways of going about this and it is up to your family as to which model you prefer.

One option is that if you already have an iTunes account you may wish to add this device to your existing account. Apps purchased this way would show up on all family devices, which could then be deleted from other family members devices. The other option is to set up a new iTunes account for your child. This allows the 1:1 iPad to be managed in isolation to other devices your family may have. Both of these options allow full parental access and control over the device, and you are albe to set passworkds so that the students cannot purhcase an App, or make in App purchases without the correct password. To learn how to set up an Apple ID and iTunes account please go to: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT204316

We will be giving families the opportunity early next year to attend an iPad workshop to show parents how to manage the iPad effectively. This will run in the first few weeks of Term 1. However if you had questions after purchasing your device, we would always be more than happy to assist families setting up their device.

If you have any questions prior the information night please feel free to email Mr Roslee Bin Jalie at roslee_b_jalie@moe.edu.sg

Information Night Attendance

We will be holding an information night on October 28 in C Wing at 7pm to answer any questions that families may have in regards to purchasing and setting up their device. Please detach the bottom of this page and return it to your classroom teacher before October 26 so we know numbers for the evening. Even if you are not planning on attending please return it so we know if your child will be taking part in the 1:1 program in 2016. Please see the attached FAQ page as this may also answer some of the questions you may have.

Mr Roslee Bin Jalie

1:1 2016 Information Night and Participate Slip
Student Name:  _________________  Current Class: ____________________
Parent Name: __________________

My child will/will not* be participating in the iPad 1:1 program in 2016.

I/We will/will not* be attending the 1:1 Information Night on October 28.