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Eliza Ismail

My Journey

alumni03.pngWhen I entered primary 1, I found myself in a new environment, surrounded by complete strangers. The school looked so big and there were so many teachers and bigger kids. My teacher, Ms Kumari, was a very kind teacher, and made everyone feel at ease. I soon settled down and made new friends.

Since the very start, my teachers realized that I loved to talk. They started giving me opportunities to talk in front of an audience. I got to be an emcee for a school event when I was in Primary 2. I also took part in Malay acting and story-telling competitions. Slowly I gained more confidence and enjoyed public speaking opportunities. I made a lot of new friends. It was not always easy, I had to spend days memorizing scripts and had to stay back after school for rehearsals and practices.

My journey as a student councilor also contributed to my character development and gave me many opportunities to interact with students, teachers and visitors.  I met many foreign visitors and VIPs.  As a member of the hospitality team, I had to help at school events and when Wellington Primary School hosted visitors.  All of these opportunities boosted my confidence to communicate with people with various backgrounds and status.       

In Primary 4, I was selected to be in the EXCO team and in primary 5, I ran for President Councilor and was selected for the role.  Serving as a member of the student council empowered me to become a leader. I was given more duties and responsibilities and I felt proud that teachers entrusted me with these responsibilities.  I always gave my best and worked hard to complete the projects.      

I have learnt a lot and gained self-confidence throughout my primary school experience. I would not be where I  am today without my supportive teachers who always encourage me to do my best.     

After attending an open house event at SOTA (School of the Arts), I was very interested in enrolling into their Theatre programme.  I was confident that my experiences in public speaking, speech and drama performances, debate competitions and leadership, would enable me to qualify for the programme.  I submitted an application during the DSA stage of enrollment.  The next step was going though auditions and interviews.  When I received the offer of a place in the programme, I was overwhelmed with joy!.  I was even more delighted when I received a scholarship for my first year of study at SOTA.     

I am grateful for all the teachers who have believed in me, guided and trained me, and supported me through my primary school journey.