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Aloysius Thum

Aloysius Thum, from the class of 2008, served his national service in the Commandos Unit. He will be pursuing his chemical engineering undergraduate studies at NTU. Aloysius is also volunteering as a St. John Ambulance Corps Staff Officer in Maris Stella High, his alma mater.

Having an impressive academic portfolio to secure a good job is no longer what defines success. In Singapore’s competitive social climate, what is valuable about a person isn’t so much the paper qualifications he or she has, but rather the rich experiences they possess and how much he or she can contribute to the society as an individual. For that, I am thankful that Wellington has provided me with a platform to participate in a wide array of activities that have enriched my life experiences. It was through such opportunities that I was nurtured to have a curious mind, and a drive to achieve excellence in whatever I do. 

As a young primary school boy, I was already involved in sports CCAs (Badminton and Volleyball) and honing my leadership skills as the Captain of the Badminton Boys School Team. This love for sports and motivation to excel was prominent in my later years, as I took up Taekwondo and won medals as I represented my junior college in inter-school competitions.

Servant leadership was an inherent value that I brought wialumni03.pngth me in my endeavours. I graduated as the Distinguished Graduate in the St. John Officer Training Course, and continued to serve in the brigade of my alma mater, Maris Stella High, as a Corps Staff Officer, while juggling with my studies in JC, and serving national service. 

Being heavily involved in numerous science projects and competitions as a kid has grown my curiosity for Science and given me an innovative mind to constantly explore solutions to problems in daily life. The “Scoop Et” was a brainchild of mine that materialised while I was waiting for the release of PSLE results. With the help and support of my Science teacher, Mr Siva, it earned me the Commendation Award in the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award competition. This little success spurred my interest to study Science, and I will be doing my degree studies in Chemical Engineering in NTU once I have completed my national service.
Juggling all these activities with my studies was no easy feat for a young little boy. It could not have been possible without the strong support from the teachers. I cannot be more appreciative of the faith and trust they had in me, and I strongly believe that this Wellington culture will continue for many years to come.

For my juniors, I give them Steve Jobs’ advice: “Stay hungry, stay foolish”. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to fall, as you will only grow stronger every time you fall. 

Believe in yourself, dare to dream.