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Table Tennis

Table Tennis is a non-contact sport that increases one's agility and flexibility, strength and reflexes. Our members are put through a training programme to help them develop these key areas. At the same time, they are provided an opportunity to build their character and develop good sportsmanship. 

Wellington’s Table Tennis Club started in 2015 and our members have been participating in the North Zone Inter Primary Schools Championships since 2016. Through the competition, our players gained a better understanding of the sport, learn from their peers as well as to develop their resilience.

To prepare for the competitions, selected members will be invited to attend school-team training sessions, in addition to the usual CCA training sessions. 

CCA Training Days

Tuesday – 7.45a.m. to 9.45a.m.
Wednesday – 2.15p.m. to 4.45p.m.

CCA Teachers

Mrs Selena Lai
Ms Ashikin
Mrs Phebe Kumar


Mr Gabriel Lee