Aim front! Aim high! Don’t bobo! Pull the arrow back. Shoot!

If these commands are familiar to you, your are probably one of the nine Primary 5 cub scouts from Wellington Cub Scouts Unit. From 13 to 15 April 2017, students were given an opportunity to attend the Cub Leadership Training Camp (CLTC) organised by the North Area. The camp, which is organised twice yearly, aims to train new Cub Scout leaders for their own respective unit. One of the activities that was the highlight of the camp was Laser Archery Tag. Cub scouts were given a hands-on lesson on handling the bow and arrow, and were then engaged in a full team battle. Some of the other activities include outdoor cooking, team building games, and of course the campfire.

The Wellington Cub Scouts Unit is one of the few outdoor-based CCA in school. At the end of their time in the CCA, cub scouts from Primary 3 to Primary 6 would have learnt
- basic camp crafts such as pitching a tent and cooking with open fire;
- the importance of taking care of their environment;
- essential life skills through serving others and learning by doing.

In 2016, Wellington Cub Scouts Unit achieved its first Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award. This annual award is given to units which have shown excellence in all aspects of running a Scouting unit.