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Malay Dance

Malay Dance plays a significant role in aesthetics education in alignment with the school’s strategic thrusts. Our Malay Dance group comprises of students ranging from Primary 3 to Primary 6. Trainings are conducted by our two instructors, Mdm Nengayu and Mr Fareed.

Our CCA is a platform for our dancers to learn Malay Dance and gain an appreciation for Malay culture. Through this CCA, our dancers learn the various Malay dance steps ranging from Asli, Inang, Zapin, Joget and Masri. They develop resilience, teamwork and diligence while preparing for different events and the SYF.      

Our Malay dancers took part in seven SYF Central Judging and Arts Presentation. They received four gold awards between 2006 and 2010, an award of distinction in 2014 and an award of accomplishment in 2016. Students who took part for the first time in the SYF found the experience very interesting and challenging.