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Indian Dance

The Indian Dance group shines as one of the vibrant performing arts group in Wellington Primary School. Starting off as a Bhangra Dance Group, it then evolved to become Indian Dance Group. There are many different dance forms in Indian Dance. Our dance group have since then performed varied genres of Indian Dance. It includes both classical and folk dances. Dancers not only hone their dance skills but develop a deeper sense of self-confidence and cultural identity through all their performances.

Our Achievements

Year EventAchievement
2010 SYF - Central JudgingSilver
2011 Performed at Chingay
2011 Performed at National Day
 Dinner @ Sembawang CC 
2011 Performed at RC 10th
 Anniversary Celebrations
 2012 SYF - Central Judging Gold 
2014 SYF - Central Judging Gold  
2016 SYF - Central Judging  Certificate of Accomplishment 
2016 Performed at Deepavali Show @
 Sembawang CC 
2017 Performed at Mother's Day
 Celebration @ Sembawang CC 

A Tribute to Our Alumni

It was not easy for dancers to make the switch from Bhangra Dance group to an Indian Dance group in the beginning however, every dancer took the challenge with a good spirit. They worked hard to master the fine skills of basic classical steps. Our seniors really did us proud by showing good team spirit and leadership. They brought the joy to dance and Indian Dance CCA as a whole. The following photos are a tribute to them.

dance 1.JPGdance 2.JPG

dance 3.jpgdance 4.jpg

Dance 6 (2).JPGdance 5.jpg

Wellington Indian Dancers

We are happy to see more students joining the Indian Dance CCA this year. We hope more students will continue to join us. This year our dancers performed for the Mother’s Day celebration at Sembawang Community Centre. It was well received by the audience. We were very glad that our junior dancers kept the Wellington performing arts spirit high.
Dance 7.jpgdance 8.JPG

dance 10.JPGdance 9.JPG