Art Club

Teachers In-Charge:

Ms Siti Rahayu Binte Buang
Ms Grace Soh
Mdm Goh Puoy Choo
Ms Wong Jia Lei
Ms Oh Gek Eng
Mrs Ang Xi Jun


To encourage creativity in students and develop their self-expression in art.
To foster a love in art among the students through their appreciation for visual arts. 
To strive for excellence through the participation in art competitions


The Art Club aims to provide our students opportunities and exposure in art making and art appreciation. Art Club members will learn to express their ideas, feelings and experiences through different art forms and medium.

Membership is open to all Primary 3 to Primary 6 students who like to create, draw and paint. The Art Club allows them to learn a variety of art techniques and skills in various art mediums; from drawing, painting, and mixed media to craft. Students will gain a greater understanding of concepts and ideas in fine art.

Students are encouraged to represent the school in various art competitions and events. This year, our students took part in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Visual Arts Competition (Primary) and two groups of our students’ artworks were selected to be exhibited at SYF Exhibition, 2017.