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Student iCon

Student iCon Onboarding GuideStudent iCon (EDM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What is the naming convention for Student iCON email address?

  • The student’s email address will be based on <Full Name>@students.edu.sg.
  • Any space in the full name will be replaced with an underscore.
  • Should the student’s full name have words such as “Bte” and “s/o”, they will not appear in the email address.
  • For cases where students share the same full name, we have added a numerical number (e.g. Jon_Tan_1, Jon_Tan_2) to differentiate their email addresses.

Q2. How can my child log in to Student iCON?

Student iCON is web-based. Students can use their web browser in their internet- enabled computing or mobile devices to visit https://workspace.google.com/dashboard to access Student iCON.

Q3. Which Operating System or browser should my students use?

You can refer to the following table for guidance on the Operating Systems/browsers which students can use to log in.

Student iCON Compatibility Table.png

Q4. Can I link the Student iCON account to an email app on my Android/iOS mobile device?

Student iCON is not accessible from mobile device applications at this moment.