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At Wellington Primary School, the Science department hopes to become an excellent department that nurtures inspired inquisitive innovators.

Hence, we aim to develop a lively curiosity of Science among our pupils through the provision of a conducive learning environment that 

1) engages
2) motivates
3) inspires confidence and
4) extends students’ knowledge

through hands-on learning activities. ICT and collaborative skills are also integrated as part of our teaching and learning of Science.

Our Approach

The Science Department focuses on equipping our young scientists with specific skills and approaches in helping them to understand and relate their scientific concepts better. To that end, the Team uses the RICE technique to help students understand the questions, the topic coverage and answer them in a constructive manner.

Our Programmes:

• Learning journey to the Science Centre
This programme aims to help our students better visualize abstract ideas through the observations of a variety of insect specimens under the microscope. Students learn about the typical life cycles of an insect and the various adaptations of insects to their environment. This helps to inject meaning to students’ learning so that it becomes real and concrete.





• Learning journey to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
This programme aims to help our students actively learn about Singapore’s rich biodiversity and various animal adaptations through a hands-on practical using museum specimen. This expands their intellectual horizon and link their theoretical knowledge in the classroom to experiential knowledge as students get a chance to handle actual museum specimens such as civet cat, mudskipper and octopus.




• Singapore Amazing Flying Competition
This programme aims to put our students’ ideas to flight. Students can design and fold their own paper planes to achieve the longest, farthest or most accurate flights. The participating teams also learned soft skills such as collaboration, teamwork and presentation skills as they embark on this journey.


• Developing Champions in Science
Our department believes in designing a rich environment where our students can showcase their leadership in Science. We aim to guide our students to be confident leaders of Science through various sharing with their younger peers about Science.

    • P2 Science Trail
    • MK Sharing

    • Lower Primary Sharing