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Physical & Health Education

Holistic Health @ Wellington!

Wellington has been very pervasive in its health promotion that encompasses a whole school approach in providing holistic health education and practices for all its stakeholders. From its inception in 2001 with a Cherish Bronze Award, the school worked its way to getting the Cherish Platinum Award in 2010 and subsequently sustained its Platinum Award in 2012.


Physical & Health Education Vision & Mission

In line with the school’s mission, ‘ To empower every individual, nurture talents and groom leaders ’, our holistic health efforts aimed to encourage all stakeholders to embrace a healthy lifestyle by providing opportunities to allow them to take personal responsibility in daily effort for personal health.

Through strategic implementation of a wide variety of health enabling activities encompassing physical, emotional well-being, social and mental, all pupils, staff and partners of the school were responsible for creating a supportive health culture in our school. ‘ Inviting School, Creative learners ’ is internalised by all as a shared vision on health alongside the RICE values; Respect & Responsibility, Integrity & Innovation, Care & Community, Excellence and Empowerment. Action plans for effective delivery, implementation, and resource management of health initiatives were established based on the school’s 5 strategic thrusts. Terms of reference and school goals helped identify areas of concerned. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were used to align strategies adopted across all levels and departments to ensure successful delivery of total well-being outcomes for all our stakeholders.

‘Wellington Primary School’s Health Tag Line

The school has been practicing health promotion since its inception in 2001. With its positive health status achievements, Band A in Fitness & Gold Awards for TAF (since 2002), Cherish Bronze (2003), Cherish Silver (2004), Cherish Gold (2005 and 2008) and subsequently Platinum Award (2010), the school had worked strategically to enhance its health status as a Health Promoting School.

1. Holistic Sports Education Programme @ Wellington! (HSEP)

Since 2007, Wellington Primary School embarked on Ministry of Education (MOE)’s support for sports and implemented of the Sports Education Programme (SEP), for pupils at Wellington Primary School. In 2009, the school expanded SEP and implemented the Holistic Sports Education Programme (HSEP) for all pupils.

Using a combination of various funds (SEP grant, Opportunity fund, Edusave fund and EG grant), the programme, consisted of 6 modules, was integrated into the Physical Education and Health Education Curriculum. The aim was to provide pupils with opportunities to make use of skills and knowledge learnt during their PE and HE lessons and create opportunities for involvement in fun sports. Competitions were planned to nurture pupils into good sportsmen and women and thus be a life-long learner for sports.

2. WELL’ympics

Wellington Annual Sports Meet for all P4 to P6 pupils – Wellympics – has been organised since 2007 in conjunction with Singapore being the first host of the Youth Olympics Games in 2010. The event will start as early as 8am with the mass of teachers and pupils assembled in their brightly house-coloured contingents. The event is officially start after everyone faithfully recites the Athletes’ Pledge to honour and upholds the value of the Olympics.

Once Wellympics is officially opened by our Principal, the hall will be bustled with pupils eager to contribute towards their respective house through the various challenge stations, such as rugby bounce, rope-skipping, ladder-sprint, netball-shooting, standing broad jump and the latest addition – modified curling. 5 Competitive games are also organised in the spirit of competition among the 4 houses such as Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, Handball, Floorball and Basketball. These games certainly do not pale in sporting actions on that day. Pupils played so gallantly to earn the honour of the Champion House and lay their hands on the coveted medals including Best Players for each game.  Cheers and screams also filled the basketball courts where the fast and furious basketball and floorball took place. 

Teachers and parents will also sweat it out in the parents-teachers house challenge in soccer and handball. Pupils lined up by the side to watch the action unfold. Living to the true spirit of the Olympics, every time a goal was scored, unselfish cheers resounded from all sides.

Prior to Well’ympics, all houses will let their creative juice flow by designing and creating their respective house banners, mascots and cheer!!!

3. Wellington’s Cherish Café (Health Promoting School Canteen – HPSC)

The “Health Promoting School Canteen (HPSC) is a pilot programme launched at Wellington to ensures that the healthier choice is the easier choice for the children.

Parents can now be assured that their children are consuming well-balanced diets when they have their meals in the school canteen, thanks to Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) latest introduction of “Healthy Set Meals”.

The pilot programme, “Health Promoting School Canteen” (HPSC), adopted by Wellington Primary School sees 1,500 students having a well-balanced Healthy Set Meals on a daily basis at the school. These Healthy Set Meals, served in a compartmentalised tray similar to a bento box, incorporate the appropriate proportions of food from four main food groups – rice and alternatives1, meat and alternatives, fruit and vegetables – ensuring that when students consume meals at the school, they will receive the right nutrients necessary for their growing needs.

References for HPSC

Link to More Information on Wellington Primary School Health Promoting School Canteen Programme. (HPSC)



4. Blood Pressure Monitoring Programme (Primary 5)

In collaboration with the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF), the department conducts a Blood Pressure Programme to inculcate all our Primary 5 pupils with the awareness on the importance of knowing the optimal blood pressure reading. The programme aims for pupils to pass on the skills and knowledge learned to their families as part of promoting heart health family units in support of Singapore Heart Foundation’s mission to reduce this high risk.

This programme engages the whole cohort of the school’s Primary 5 pupils. Each pupil is trained on both theory and practical knowledge of High Blood Pressure by a consultant cardiologist, officials from SHF and our Wellington Parents Network (WEPn) members who have also been formally trained in this area.

With the completion of the training, each P5 child is an ‘Ambassador’ of the programme and a blood pressure monitor is loaned to each Primary 5 pupil for them to bring home so that they could administer the measurement of blood pressure using the monitor to his/her family members.

5. Termly Healthy Lifestyle Week

Wellington Termly Healthy Lifestyle Week is a week of dedication for PE/HE department to conduct several health activities on termly basis. In collaboration with a few other departments like the Aesthetics as well as Wellington Parent Network, the students will be taking part in various health activities like games and quizzes.

Assembly programme for the week will also feature health themes conducted by both the teachers as well as different health organizations.

Termly, the department organizes such events to provide maximum participation by all students with the objective of continuously promoting healthy lifestyle among all the stakeholders.

6. Active Kidz Programme

Activekidz is a weight loss program that targeted child obesity through healthy eating and physical exercises. On top of the existing bi-weekly fitness activities, this year the PE Committee and Staff Welfare Committee has jointly initiated a monthly brisk-walk to incorporate some fun and excitement into our pupils’ journey to a healthier Body Mass Index (BMI).

Our first brisk-walk was to Sembawang Park. Proximate to our school, the walking distance was comfortable with plenty of flora and fauna to admire. Pupils not only burned calories from walking, they also got to bond with one another, fostering valuable friendship beyond the classrooms as they encouraged one another to press on. Our second session was a little more venturous, we went further North to Woodlands Waterfront. At the pit-stop, the pupils could even see the causeway and our neighbour, Johor!

The PE committee would hereby like to shout out to all our Activekidz members to persevere on in the pursuit of a healthier BMI and to remember to attend the fitness sessions every Monday and Friday (7.10am – 7.30am) regularly!