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Critical Thinkers, Creative Problem-solvers  


To develop in our pupils a positive attitude towards Mathematics and an appreciation of Mathematics as a tool in everyday life.

Our Goals

  1. To acquire mathematical concepts and skills for students, as well as develop confidence and morale when faced with difficult problem sums.

  2. To foster positive attitudes and interest towards Mathematics, thus encouraging students to be more participative during activities, in turn deepening their learning.

  3. To enhance students’ critical thinking skills and train them to think outside the box, cultivating creative and entrepreneurial thinking skills.

  4. To develop 21st-century competencies like resilience, empowerment and self-mastery, skills that are fundamental in helping students succeed in the future.

Build Foundation in Content and Skills

Daily use of Concrete-Pictorial- Abstract (CPA) approach helps students to develop foundation concepts and skills that are necessary in everyday life.  Polya's 4-Step Problem-Solving Process is a school-wide approach to help students develop a structured action plan for addressing problem sums. Online mathematics portal, Koobits, helps to provide additional learning resources and promotes self-directed learning in our students.

Our Programmes and Key Strategies

To address students’ misconceptions, so that they will be able to experience success upon passing the subject

    • The 10K programme
    • The HOPE programme
    • Heartware Programme
    • Learning Support in Mathematics (Primary 1 and 2)
    • Maths ICAN (P3 to P5)
    • Math Pull-Out Programme (Primary 1 to 6)
    • Remedial Programme (Primary 1 to 6)
    • Supplementary Programme (Primary 1 to 6)

 Experiential learning to help pupils appreciate the  learning of Mathematics

    • ·Performance Tasks and Practical Activities (P1 & P2)
    • IPW Math-infused Learning Journeys (P1 to P5)
    • Sudoku Week (P3 to P6)
    • Math Trails (P3 to P6)
    • Cooking with Maths (P2 to P5)
    • Internal & External Competitions and Math Olympiad Training (P2 to P6)

 Use of SSM materials and ICT for engaged learning
    • SSM manipulatives for concrete experience
    • Koobitsproblemsums.com for E-Learning
    • Class blogs for flip classroom lessons

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