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To Nurture Active Learners, Proficient Communicators and Cultural Leaders

Malay Language Framework

To Nurture Active Learners, Proficient Communicators and Cultural Leaders  
Building proficiency and ability to communicate in Malay Language Deeper appreciation of culture, traditions, literature and historyTo connect with other Asian communities 
  • Explicit teaching of grammar
  • Progressive approach to composition writing
  • Interactive writing
  • Opportunity for every student to speak in front of the class
  • Presentation at external platform
  • Monitoring of students' reading (e.g; reading tree)
  • Class Buddy 
  • MTL Fortnight 
  1. Lesson Package
  2. P5 Gamelan Workshop
  3. P3 Poetry Appreciation
  • P4 MTL Camp - incorporating 'River of Life' learning journey 
  • P5 Arif Budiman Programme (Language Finesse) 
  • P3 & P4 Reading Portfolio 
  • P5 & P6 What's New Programme (Discussion & presentation of Berita Harian and Gen G articles)
  • Student Ambassador
  • Partnership with National Heritage Board 

Term 1 Reading Portfolio for P3 & P4 Pupils 

P4 : Writing an e-mail based on the book 'Abangku Askar'
P3: Role play based on the book 'Warisan Kisah Klasik Melayu'

"My Dream Shop" Competition

"My Dream Shop" is an annual competition organised by New Town Primary School where pupils are given the opportunity to be proficient users of the language; develop entrepreneurship skills in a realistic yet monitored competitive environment; learn to care for the less fortunate pupils and to demonstrate their learning and interact with children from various schools. 

In this competition, participants team up to package and market donated stationery items to selected financially needy children, using monopoly-style plastic money, 
while competing with the other school teams in terms of sales pitch and actual sales profit. 
The team, comprising of 6 P4 pupils, went through several training and research sessions under the guidance of Mr Shah, in preparation for this competition. They gained valuable learning experience through this competition.


P4 Malay Language & Cultural Camp

The theme for this year's Malay Language & Cultural Camp is Pada Zaman Dahulu.. where pupils are exposed to the Malay tradition and culture mostly practiced in the olden days. The objectives of the camp are :
  • To expose pupils to the different Malay tradition and culture in the olden days
  • To inculcate positive values uphold by the Malay community
  • To promote the importance and use of the Malay Language in their daily lives
In this 2 half-days camp, pupils went through 6 different stations:
  1. Traditional games :Lereng and Galah Panjang
  2. Jawi Writing
  3. Traditional Malay Costumes
  4. Kompang 
  5. Traditional Malay Songs 
  6. Traditional Dance: Zapin 

Pupils had a lot of fun participating in al
l the activities. They even had a chance to taste a type of Malay traditional food, Nasi Ambeng.