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Global Leadership through Student Ambassador Programme (Sap) & Friends4LIFE

Student Ambassador Programme

On 14 March to 18 March 2015, 30 student ambassadors travelled to Hong Kong as part of our school’s Student Ambassadors Programme. The 5 days and 4 nights programme provided the opportunity for our students to broaden their learning experiences internationally through various activities. As part of the programme, the students worked with students Tsang Mui Millennium School, Hong Kong. The trip provided the opportunity for the students to develop a cosmopolitan mindset through experiential learning and appreciating the rich diversity of cultures and opportunities globally. 

Learning Outcomes


Social Emotional & Cultural Awareness

  • To broaden pupils’ perspectives about the different lifestyles in both countries. 
  • Broadening pupils’ perspective about the world around them 
  • To engage pupils in cultural and academic activities beyond local context.
  • Establish friendship and citizenship building


Character & Citizenship Education

  • To reinforce Social & Emotional competencies through;
  • To have more insights to own strengths and weakness and managing self-effectiveness.
  • To understand and learn the importance of making responsible and moral decisions.
  • Appreciating the availability and convenience of daily necessities in Singapore.
  • Appreciating the Singapore story and taking pride in shaping our own unique Singapore way of life.
  • Develop leadership skills and independence

Please find the following video montages on both their preparation camp and 5 days and 4 nights Student Ambassadors Programme to Hong Kong for your viewing. 

Song by American Authors - Best Day of My Life

Song by Carpenters - (They Long to Be) Close to You.

Friends4Life Programme

Friends4Life aims to prepare our students for the world of the future. With the advent of technology, the need for people-to-people interaction becomes even more important as technology, in many ways, has hijacked that need. Through this programme, we aim not only to provide a platform for our students to establish long-term friendship with students from our partner schools, but also to allow them to learn and apply critical people skills such as social skills for interaction and communication.
Song by American Authors - Best Day of My Life

Song by feat.Janelle Monae - We Are Young