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Community Leadership through Student Council

Adopt-A-Station Programme

As part of our school’s focus on providing opportunities for our pupils to contribute to the community, we adopted Sembawang MRT Station under the SMRT Adopt-a-Station Programme. Our school is the first primary school in Sembawang to participate in this initiative. On 28 June 2016, 20 of our student councillors were officially trained by their SMRT mentors as service ambassadors. Subsequently, they carried out their duty as service ambassador at Sembawang MRT Station. This experience provides a platform for them to serve the Sembawang community and enhance their community leadership skills. This is in line with our school’s 4-tiered Student Leadership Framework. They enjoyed the interaction with the public and some of them even requested to go back to serve in the near future.


We were presented with this token as the result of our collaboration with SMRT.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew Remembrance Event

On 23rd March 2016, 14 of our student councillors participated in Mr Lee Kuan Yew Remembrance Event at Causeway Point. They explained values that Singapore’s Founding Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew and founding leaders instilled upon all Singaporeans to members of the public. They also shared community activities and upcoming development projects at Sembawang with residents.




Crime Prevention Ambassador Programme 

On 12 April 2016, our Primary 4 Student Councillors were trained by Officers from Singapore Police Force to be Crime Prevention Ambassador.

The objectives of the programme are to equip our student councillors with the knowledge on basic crime prevention. With this, they can do their part as Crime Prevention Ambassadors, whenever they detect any potential “victim” leaving their belongings unattended around during recess and CCA. The student leaders can approach and share crime prevention messages with them. They can also serve the Sembawang Community with this crime prevention knowledge.


Sembawang Community Sports Day

On 23 July 2016, 20 student councillors from primary 4 and 5 took the role as student helpers and supported Sembawang Community Sports Day. They were paired up with their senior from Innova Junior College and did their part to support the Sembawang community.