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Management Team

School Leaders

Principal    Mr Albert Alfred Alcantara Alcantara_Albert@schools.gov.sg
Vice Principal 
 Mdm Kong Yee Loon
 Vice Principal (Admin)    Mr Ng Wee Ming Dennis ng_wee_ming_dennis@schools.gov.sg

Citizenship Education (CE) Wing

Head of Department CCE   Mr Kwan Hoi Leong
 Head of Department Physical  Education 
 Mrs Bernadette Chen bernadette_choo_may_ling@moe.edu.sg 
  Subject Head (Knowledge Management)   Mr Keith Ng Zhao Xiang   ng_zhao-xiang@moe.edu.sg  
  Level Head Physical Education   Ms Sim Chin Mei      sim_chin_mei@moe.edu.sg  
Year Head Upper Primary   Mrs Claira Aw  claira_tan_chay_lan@moe.edu.sg 
 Year Head Middle Primary   Mr Wong Kian Kei  wong_kian_kei@moe.edu.sg 
Assistant Year Head Lower Primary   Mdm Karen Koek  koek_karen_jude@moe.edu.sg 
Level Head (Student Management)   Mr Thomas Ho Wei Heong  ho_wei_heong@moe.edu.sg  
 Subject Head Aesthetics  Mrs Michelle Soh  michelle_wong_fei_fun@moe.edu.sg 

Academic Excellence (AE) Wing

 Head of Department English (Covering) 
 Mdm Wendy Au  wendy_au_may_lee@moe.edu.sg  
 Head of Oral Communication  Mrs Phebe Ashok Kumar   ashok_kumar_phebe@moe.edu.sg  
  Level Head English 
 Mr Tan King Yang   tan_king_yang@moe.edu.sg  
 Head of Department Mathematics   Mr Mohd Idris Bin Asmuri  mohamad_idris_asmuri@moe.edu.sg
  Level Head Science   Ms Lim Wei San   lim_wei_san@moe.edu.sg   
Head of Department Mother Tongue   Mdm Hidayati Bte Taib  hidayati_taib@moe.edu.sg
 Level Head Chinese Language 
 Mdm Goh Puoy Choo  goh_puoy_choo@moe.edu.sg 
Subject Head Immersion Programmes 
 Mrs Eileen Lam   lim_eileen@moe.edu.sg
 Subject Head Partnerships   Mr Daniel Lim Phor Tien   lim_phor_tien@moe.edu.sg 
  Head of Department ICT   Mr Roslee Bin Jalie    roslee_b_jalie@moe.edu.sg 
   Level Head ICT Systems   Mdm Lee Wee Fong  lee_wee_fong@moe.edu.sg 
Subject Head ICT   Mrs Sumathi Siva Kumar  sumathi_siva_kumar@moe.edu.sg  

Staff Excellence Committee

 School Staff Developer   Mr Sivasegaran S/O   Seenivasan  sivasegaran_seenivasan@moe.edu.sg
 Lead Teacher (Math)   Mdm Linda Chew  chew_chui_shiang_linda@moe.edu.sg
 Senior Teacher (Art)   Ms Siti Rahayu Bte Buang  siti_rahayu_buang@moe.edu.sg 
 Senior Teacher (Science)   Ms Grace Soh   soh_whee_kheng@moe.edu.sg