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CCE & Student Development

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Character and Citizenship Education & Student Development

At Wellington, we believe strongly in the holistic development of our students. To achieve this end, the PWD team adopted a student-centric approach in ensuring our students are well-supported socially, emotionally and morally throughout their 6-year stay at Wellington. We have a team of teachers, counsellors and allied educators dedicated to developing and implementing programmes to provide for the total well-being of our students. We also work closely with MOE, our community partners such as Northwest CDC and police, and the School Advisory Committee (SAC) to provide timely support to cater to the varied needs of our students.
On top of this, we also focus on developing our students’ leadership potential in line with our school’s mission of empowering every individual, nurturing talents and grooming leaders through our 4-tiered Student Leadership Framework. This framework maps out the development path in grooming all our students to be a confident leader with good character and a deep passion for learning.

Anchored at its core are values that serve as the moral compass and guiding lights for our students. At its base, Personal Mastery focuses on developing personal leadership skills and attributes in all our students. The school uses the SEL lessons developed under the FTGP package as the main platform to teach the 5 dimensions of Socio-Emotional competencies and skills such as time management, self-image and goal-setting. The next level is Peer Leadership which focuses on developing interpersonal leadership skills such as communication skills, working in team, planning & organizing and conflict management etc. The House system, Class Leader system and CCA are the main platform used to deliver this. Community Leadership involved providing opportunities for students to apply their leadership skills in the service of others or for a cause. The main vehicle used to do this is through student-initiated/lead and community engagement projects. The apex of the framework is Global Leadership which focuses on developing in our students a global mindset and 21st Century skills such as cross-cultural and media literacy.