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Our Vision

Nurture active learners, proficient communicators and cultural leaders.


Our Mission

To build a community of Tamil students who are passionate in the learning of Tamil Language through academic and cultural activities.

Department Goals

The TL department aims to develop pupils reading and speaking in Tamil confidently in 3 levels:


Winners of the various competitions to display their talents in front of whole co-hort (term 4)
Pupils have been equipped with necessary skills and sent for competitions held across the island.

Some of our participation and achievements were:
  • Telok Blangah Tamil Language Competitions (Consolation Prize for Oratorical Competition)
  • MaGo Tamil Story Telling Olympiad
  • Tamil Fest @ UPTLC (Fancy dress, Library quiz and other competitions)


Department’s Highlights

Our Programmes

The Tamil department aims to provide pupils with a wide range of experience. We arrange for in-house and external events that serve this purpose. Some of those events are:

Amazing Race @ SINDA (Primary 5 and 6)


In March this year, Primary 5 and 6 pupils took part in the ‘Amazing Race’ carried out by SINDA. The pupils got the chance to explore the Singapore Zoological gardens. The activities carried out during contributed to the bonding amongst pupils and the feeling that they are one Wellington. These pupils are now able confidently carry a conversation about the Zoo in Tamil Language and their pool of Tamil words associated with the Zoo has increased as well.

Mother Tongue Cultural Camp (Primary 4)

This was a day full of fun and learning activities. Pupils learned to express themselves through role-play, played traditional games and had a delicious traditional Indian meal. One of the highlights of the traditional games was the ‘Uri Adithal’ where they had the chance to cheer their friends on and get theirs wet. They had lunch on banana leaves and learned about how the leaf should be placed and the appropriate positions for each of the food type. 

‘Tamil is Fun!’ and ‘We can Write!’

As a department we look at the needs of the pupils and design programmes for them as well. Some of our Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils face difficulties in speaking in Tamil and thus in writing as well. The ‘Tamil is Fun!’ programme is designed to help such pupils. Our WePN members come in every Friday morning to help these pupils in fun ways such as doing jigsaw puzzles to spell the right word. With a ratio of 1 Parent is to 3 or 4 pupils, there is more attention given to them.


‘We can Write’ concentrates on helping our pupils write better compositions. Our teachers conceptualised and conducted workshops for Primary 3 and Primary 4 pupils. 100% of pupils felt that the workshops were useful and they are looking forward to more such sessions.