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Missing in picture: Cikgu Karmila & Cikgu Shah


Our Vision

Nurture Active Learners, Proficient Communicators and Cultural Leaders

Our Programmes

Various programmes are designed to make learning of Malay Language meaningful and enable the students to experience the joy of learning. These programmes aim to achieve the following main objectives:

  1. To build proficiency and ability to communicate in Malay Language
  2. To deepen pupils’ appreciation of culture, traditions, literature and history
  3. To connect with other Asian communities


Mother Tongue Fortnight Week


The Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight Programme is an MOE’s initiative to promote the use of Mother Tongue languages in schools. Here in Wellington Primary School, the programme provides students with authentic opportunities to experience and appreciate the various aspect of Malay Language and Culture. 

A wide range of activities are organised which include activities such as language appreciation through poetry and songs, hands-on session in traditional ensemble such as gamelan and kompang, unleashing the skills in the making of delicate traditional food craft and understanding the relevance of Malay Language in the current context through dialogue session with an invited speaker. These activities make the learning of the language fun and meaningful.


Malay Language @ Well-ympics

Leveraging on ICT, we made learning of the Malay language and culture more exciting even during the Circuit Breaker period. the Malay Department collaborated with the Aesthetic Department and encouraged students to submit a Mother Tongue Fortnight presentation in the online Well-ympics Challenge. The pupils enthusiastically submitted through the Student Learning Space (SLS) their lively performance which they recorded at the comfort of their home.


Infusing ICT in the Teaching and Learning of Malay Language

When students are motivated to learn, they will naturally be engaged in learning and will yearn to learn more. Infusing ICT in the lesson not only enables students to collaborate, it also provides opportunities for them to explore further as information is more accessible.

During full home-based learning, students learn the language in a fun and enjoyable manner. Games and webinars allows students to challenge themselves to be more proficient and effective language users.


Cov-EID Celebration

Celebrating Hari Raya differently in 2020

This year’s Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration was held on 5th June. The primary 1-3 students had theirs via Zoom with their Form Teachers during Home Based Learning. Other than learning about Hari Raya tradition, the students also got to watch videos to understand the festival is celebrated differently this year due to the COVID-19 situation. Nevertheless, the students enjoyed themselves especially when watching the Malay Dance video put together from individual recordings done by the Malay Dance students. The session ended with a craft activity in which students get to make either green packets, ketupat weaving or greeting cards. 


Bicara Berirama

Choral Speaking


Bicara Berirama’ or Choral Speaking is a poetic language group presentation. The team will form a thematic choir that embraces the passion or themes related to Malay language and culture to the audience. This activity involves various forms of individual voices that are united to deliver the messages.

The ‘Bicara Berirama’ aims to build confidence and enhance the language mastery of our pupils. The programme instil perseverance, diligence and teamwork which is necessary in equipping pupils with the 21st century skills.


Rakan Bahasa

Malay Language Ambassador


Rakan Bahasa is an initiative by the Malay Language Council, Singapore (MLCS) or Majlis Bahasa Melayu Singapura (MBMS) to encourage students who excel in Malay Language to spread the love of the language to their peers, friends and families.

Our Rakan Bahasa will undergo trainings with National Heritage Board (NHB) so that they are able to contribute back to the society through sharing sessions or performances related to the Malay Language. This role has helped boost their confidence and aid their interaction skills.