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Our Vision

Building strong foundation in Chinese Language and Appreciation of Chinese Culture

Our Mission

Cultivating in students a love for Chinese Language and learn to appreciate Chinese Culture

Department Goals

The Chinese Language Department aims to build a strong foundation in the use of Chinese Language in our students especially in their speaking and listening skills. Differentiated programmes are put in place in to develop our students with different learning abilities. 

Our Programmes

For our higher progress students, we have Junior Reporters Programme for P4 and P5 as well as Speech and Drama for P3. We also have enrichment on Critical-Thinking and Mind-Mapping Skills in Essay-Writing to enhance students’ writing skills for all P5 and P6 Students. 

During our MTL Fortnight and P4 Chinese Culture and Language Camp held yearly, we introduced students to Chinese Traditional Culture such as Chinese traditional handicrafts ie. Bean Art, Fan Painting, Clay Art Making, Chinese Paper-Cutting, Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy etc. We also organized learning journeys to theatre performances for P2 to P4 students as well as Tea Appreciation for P5 students. 

The Chinese Language Department believes that our students will only learn and acquire the language well if they can see the purpose and meaning in learning the language and therefore, infusing Chinese Culture into Chinese Language learning becomes our main objective.

P4 Culture and Language Camp

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During our P4 Chinese Culture and Language Camp, the students learnt more about Chinese culture such as Chinese Opera, Mask painting

Student Exchange 2019

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Our students hosted the students from the Wuxi Jinqiao Bilingual Experimental School and The Experimental School Affiliated with Beijing No. 20 High School China during their visit to our school in July 2019. Through the educational exchange, our students made friends with the China counterparts and learnt more about the different cultures.