CCAs are offered in the school to emphasise on ‘Building Character’ in every student. Character traits like resilience, tenacity, confidence, perseverance, responsibility, teamwork, sportsmanship and respect are best acquired outside the classroom. Every student can explore interests, discover talents and recognise potential through the CCAs. These attributes prepare him /her to inculcate life skills beyond school.

The desired values are:

  • Respect: The ability to show respect for self, others and the environment
  • Responsibility: The ability to exhibit responsibility and leadership skills
  • IntegrityThe ability to show integrity in words and actions
  • Innovation: The ability to innovate with persistence, exhibit creativity in actions and thoughts
  • Courage: The ability to  show courage by challenging and changing assumptions
  • CareThe ability to show care to others and care for public property
  • Excellence: The ability to strive for excellence and to stay on task
  • Empowerment: The ability to show empowerment through continuous learning and make a positive difference

The Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) Programme in Wellington Primary School seeks to provide all students with a holistic education through the teaching and learning of the three Character Development Domains: Leadership, Social & Citizenship, in line with Social & Emotional Framework SEL. Students acquire character traits like resilience, tenacity, confidence, perseverance, responsibility, teamwork, sportsmanship and respect and are given the opportunity to explore their interests, discover their talents and recognise their potential in their CCA.

In addition, participation in a CCA fosters social integration and deepens their sense of belonging to their school, community and nation. Through CCA, we hope to prepare them for life beyond school. As such, all P3 to P6 pupils are required to participate in at least one CCA. They may join a CCA from the Performing Arts, Sports Club, Uniformed Group or Clubs. CCA sessions are conducted on Fridays from 7.35 a.m. to 9.35 a.m. during curriculum time. However, additional training sessions might be scheduled for them. To maximise the full potential of every student, once he/she is accepted for the CCA, he/she will remain in the CCA for at least one year.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Name of CCA CCA Coordinators
Chinese Dance  Mdm Zhang Yuanying
Choir Ensemble 
Ms Goh Jing Yi
Pop and Jazz
Ms Fadilah Abdul Wahid
Modern Dance
Ms Wendy Tan
Guzheng Ensemble
Mrs Selena Lai
Indian Dance
Mdm Saraswathi
Malay Dance
Mdm Seri

Uniformed Groups

Sports Club

Name of CCA CCA Coordinators
Badminton Club
Mr Joshua Huang
 Soccer Club (Boys / Girls)Mr Shahrin / Ms Sim Chin Mei 
Table-Tennis Mr Keith Ng
Volleyball (Girls) Mdm Wang Guohong 
WushuMdm Gu Yao 

Sports Club

Uniformed Group

Name of CCA CCA Coordinators
Scouts (Boys and Girls)
Mr Paul Choey



Name of CCA CCA Coordinators
Drama & Debating Club
Mr Ren Wei Chen
Innovation Club
Ms Lim Wei San
Infocomm Club
Mr Lim Joo Ghee
Visual Art Club 
Ms Ong Xi Jun

PAL Deployment w.e.f. 3 Jan 2018

Programme for Active Learning

Name of Teacher
P1 Attentiveness
Ms Lai Li Fei
P1 Benevolence
Ms Sarah Ahmad
P1 Creativity
Ms Karen Koek / Ms Kavitha
P1 Diligence
Ms Paramesh
P1 Enthusiasm
Mr Indra Gurung
P1 Forgiveness 
Mdm Qu Hongwei
P1 Generosity
Ms Adelene Tan Shan Shan
P1 Honesty 
Ms K Radha

Name of Teacher
P2 Attentiveness
Ms Karmila Binte Hussin
P2 Benevolence
Ms Sim Chin Mei / Mdm L. Lallitha
P2 Creativity
Mdm Ida / Mr Ghanim
P2 Diligence
Mdm Liesda Bte Jamali
P2 Enthusiasm
Ms Lucy Kuang Xianyu     
P2 Forgiveness 
Ms Zee Wan Teng
P2 Generosity
Mdm Siti Zulaiha Binte Saidi
P2 Honesty
Mdm Sulaiha