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Our Mission

To inculcate in Wellingtonians a love and appreciation for the arts beyond the school years.

Department Goal

Through the different platforms provided, Wellingtonians will show confidence in performing or expressing themselves.


Our Programmes

Life Long Learning Programme (LLP)

Learning Outcomes:
  • Instilling in students the confidence to present themselves to an audience.
  • Inculcate in students a love and appreciation for the arts during and beyond their school years.
  • To be Artivists with a HeART by developing the desired 21st century competencies in students through community outreach.

Through the different platforms provided, students will be able to confidently integrate their thoughts, feelings and movements in natural and meaningful ways.

Primary 1Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Programme for Active Learning (PAL)
 Primary 2Programme for Active Learning (PAL) Programme for Active Learning Music Enrichment - Percussion   
 Primary 3Art Enrichment - Ceramics
Broadway Musical Medley Music Enrichment - Recorder 

 Primary 4Museum-Based Learning
Cultural Dance Workshop Music Enrichment - Keyboard

 Primary 5Art Enrichment - Chinese Painting P5 Dancesation Music Enrichment - Ukulele

 Primary 6Project Green Runway
 P6 Graduation Show Choir
Music Enrichment - Guitar
Shining Stars Showmanship Workshop 
Aesthetics Week 
P1 & P2 Learning Journey to the Theatre 
@HeART Programme 
Green Ambassadors’ Art Programme Artisticity 

Assessment & Monitoring:

  • Assessing students periodically is necessary not only to ascertain that they have understood the content area, but to measure improvements and inform them of their aesthetic abilities.
  • Art students also display their art at the school’s Art Gallery.
  • Students with musical background are given opportunities to perform at school celebrations and events.  
  • Students with a talent in the Arts will be nominated for internal and external competitions and awards.


Shining Stars Showmanship Workshop
Aesthetic 1.jpg


P3 Ceramics Programme
Aesthetic 2.jpgAesthetic 4.jpg


P5 Chinese Painting Programme
Aesthetic 6.jpgAesthetic 7.jpg


P4 Museum-Based Learning Journey
Aesthetic 8.jpgAesthetic 10.jpg


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF)
SYF 2.jpgSYF 1.jpg

SYF 4.jpgSYF 3.jpg


SYF 6.jpg
SYF Category C - Mixed Media
Come Along With Us
SYF 7.jpg
SYF Category C - Mixed Media
Nom Nom Nom
SYF 8.jpg
SYF Category C - Paper Collage
Singapore’s Rich Tapestry


Music Enrichment Programme
Music 2.jpgMusic 3.jpg


Green Ambassadors Art Programme
Green Ambassador 1.jpg


P1 and P2 Learning Journey to the Theatre
P12 LJ 1.jpg


@heART Programme
Heart 1.jpgHeart 2.jpg

Heart 3.jpgHeart 4.jpg


Aesthetic Week
Aesthetic Week 1.jpgAesthetic Week 2.jpg

Aesthetic Week 4.jpgAesthetic Week 5.jpgAesthetic Week 6.jpg