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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

We believe that every child has the ability to master skills and develop attitudes that will demonstrate a leadership mindset. At Wellington, leadership is taking the initiative to make a positive difference to the people around us.  As part of our mission goal of grooming leader out of all Wellingtonians, we have adopted a four-tier Student APEX Leadership Framework .

Student Apex Leadership Framework.png
We foster Personal Mastery through our modified Kolb’s Learning Cycle of ‘Learning by doing, doing until we become’ – nurturing the right attitudes by practising the right habits until it becomes engrained into our lives. Personal Mastery is taught through various programmes and structures like Form-Teacher Guidance Periods, Fortnightly Assembly Programmes, Wellington Personal Organizers, CCAs, technology-enhanced Self-Directed Learning and P5 Camps.

Peer Leadership is integrated into classroom teaching and learning, Class & CCA Committees and camps. Students will have ample opportunities to take up different leadership roles and take part in team learning through IPW (Integrated Project Work). At Wellington, IPW is modeled after the real world projects where teams create digital games and media to solve problems or promote a key learning purpose like financial literacy.

Community Leadership is fostered through Community Engagement Programmes (CEP) as well as Values-in-Action (VIA) Projects where students initiate action that will bring benefits to improve the lives of the people in the community. In addition, each level has about 3 Learning Journeys to provide rich learning in real-world context for CCE (Character & Citizenship Education), art, history and geography in addition to the academic subjects. Apart from class leadership roles, deserving students will also be nominated by peers and teachers to serve in the Student Council to serve the entire student population. By age 12, student leaders who have learnt how to earn respect from their peers may eventually be elected to serve as President, Vice-Presidents and Exco members of the Student Concil.

Global Leadership is about connecting with the world to forge friendships to create a better world and collective explore how to deal with the big challenges faced by the future generation. 5R – which stands for ‘Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Replant’ – is our environmental push to nurture leaders who care about creating a sustainable world. Apart from that, we also offer two other programmes for Global Leadership: Friends4LIFE (Learning through International Friendship & Exchange) as well as Student Ambassador Programme. Friends4LIFE gives every student a chance to play host to a counterpart from our partner school overseas. Under the programme, students from Wellington will explain all things Singaporean to their new friends from another country at school as well as during joint heritage-based learning journeys. Student Ambassador Programme, the crown jewel of our Student Leadership Programme opened to selected students, brings a team from Wellington on an overseas experiential journey where each member of the crew role play as ambassadors representing Singapore. The programme is unique from other overseas learning journey because of our rich local knowledge as well as the strong partnerships we have forged with schools in the cities we visit. Travelling with Wellington’s Student Ambassador Programme will often become a life-transforming experience for students because of our rigourous training curriculum.