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Learning Through New Media (ALP)

Learning through New Media at Wellington


The school was awarded the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) since last year and we have made great strides since then. This initiative was endorsed by MOE as a niche programme for the school with the focus to equip all Wellingtonians with 21st Century Competencies which include the ability to create new knowledge with technology tools. Apart from the basic curriculum of creating presentations and documents as well as using spreadsheets for analysis, students will be trained for more advanced skills at different levels. Lower Primary (P1 & 2) students will start the embrace the culture of self-directed learning through our Flipped Classroom pedagogy with content from our learning management systems and blogs. Students will create presentations, digital art / animations and blogs as part of their lessons.

Middle Primary (P3 & 4) will begin to use technology to learn on the go. These include classes who will use iPads for learning on-the-go at Learning Journeys. As an ALP school with strengths in new media, about 50% of our P3-6 classes are on the one-to-one iPad initiative we call LIGHT – Learning for an Innovative Generation with Handheld Technology. Students in LIGHT classes bring their own iPads to school to facilitate learning as well as to create new knowledge like mindmaps, visualizations, presentations and video clips. The platform was chosen because it is convenient to control and monitor the types of applications downloaded. We are also piloting an iPad management system to keep the devices secure and keep off undesirable use of technology in the interest of cyberwellness.

In addition, Middle Primary students will also begin the journey of creating digital games base on specific themes and challenges as part of IPW. We know that many children are already learning through play. Wellington is learning through game creation which is beyond learning through play. Upper Primary (P5 & 6) students will continue to deepen their knowledge and experience of game creation to incorporate coding as a skill for structured thinking. While P5 students take coding as part of game making incorporated into IPW, P6 students will carry out all their new media initiatives as part of post-PSLE activities.