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Learning Through New Media (ALP)

Learning through New Media at Wellington


Wellington was accorded the Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in New Media from 2014 in recognition of the school’s belief in empowering our students with the necessary tools and skills to create meaningful and purposeful digital content. The school’s strong commitment in supporting 21st Century Competencies has led to the innovation of creating programmes and initiatives that allowed students to be self-directed and work collaboratively with one another.

It was with such objectives that our ALP has morphed and developed from just mere events and simple ICT programmes to a more fluid and elegant curriculum. The school’s ICT Niche in the form of the National Primary Games Creation (NPGCC) has seen a tremendous growth in terms of support and participation not only within the school but also in the partnership with other schools and even industrial partners. What started out as an InfoComm Club programme has matured and burgeoned into a sustainable and holistic curriculum. 

The near future will be even more exciting as even more students will be taught to experience the power of learning to code. Coding or programming will be introduced gradually across all levels and it will be integrated with the Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW). We hope that this will encourage even more students to think creatively and solve problems in a more systematic manner.

The use of mobile devices for the school’s 1:1 initiative or LIGHT (Learning Innovatively Learning for an Innovative Generation with Handheld Technology was another positive outcome from the inception of ALP. We started out with a pilot programme of 6 classes of iPads in 2014 and now we have an exceptional support from students and parents in believing our approach to an empowering approach to teaching and learning. 

We hope to equip all teachers with an iPad and all classrooms with an Apple TV to facilitate teaching and learning. We will also provide students with tools that they can use to showcase what they have learnt, with teachers playing the role of facilitators.