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Academy of Dance Drama Art and Music (LLP)

Academy of Dance Drama Art and Music (ADDAM)


Our current niche status in dance under MOE’s Programme for School-based Excellence (PSE) will transform into a broader range of exposure as part of our Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). 

Having done our last musical in 2010, the school will be embarking on another musical effort in 2015 as part of the 15th anniversary celebrations . This effort will see the introduction of drama into our language curriculums not only to develop stronger applied language competence but also to introduce a mechanism to foster empathy for people in different walks of life and different situations.

Wellington will continue to have strong visionary dance curriculum beginning with broad exposure as part of PAL (Programme for Active Learning) endorsed by MOE and moving on to further exposure of potential talents through CCAs and enrichment programmes. At the upper levels, students gifted in dance will not only have the opportunity to excel with their CCA teams at national competitions or international exposure, they will also be able to build individual talent portfolio through accredited courses to get graded certificates in dance. They can also take part in individual competitions in events like national or international Dancesports competitions.

For art and music, students will have the opportunity to pick up various basic skills as well as enjoy high quality art exposure that see them through related CCAs or enrichment courses.  Wellington is well-known with a strong pool of talent and showcases for both art and music winning various accolades over the part 15 years. This strength will continue even as we leverage on the digital revolution to build a stronger appreciation and competencies in these areas.