Boys' Brigade


Madam Magdeline Chandra
Madam Cynnthia Chitrah

CCA Teachers-in-charge

Mr Kwan Hoi Leong
Mr Chay Gee Tong
Mr Ng Zhao- Xiang

Founder's Day

Boys’ Brigade (BB) Founders Day is celebrated annually on the 12th of January to commemorate the founding of The Boys’ Brigade in Singapore. In 1930 our founder James Milner Fraser, on accepting an assignment in colonial Singapore, took the opportunity to fulfill his dream of pioneering the BB movement outside Great Britain and established the 1st Singapore Company. Starting with 12 Boys, the membership quickly grew to 40. From this nucleus, the BB movement flourished through the Second World War. All boys will wear BB uniforms in school to commemorate BB Founders’ Day. This day is also used to generate awareness of the Boys’ Brigade movement.

Adventure Quest


The Boys’ Brigade Adventure Quest (BBAQ) is an adventure race that is introduced to promote characteristics of adventure, teamwork, endurance, fighting spirit and winning through fair means.  This competition is designed to test the participants’ skills and knowledge acquired in the BB curriculum, as well as to challenge them to go beyond their comfort zones to attempt new adventurous activities.

BB Week - Fund Raising

The Boys' Brigade Week fundraising is held annually at the Yishun Christian Church. It provides an opportunity to raise funds for the Company and the Brigade.  It is the main source of funds for the operations of the Boys' Brigade. It is not a fundraising event from the general public but from the supporters of Boys' Brigade.

BB Enrolment


The BB Enrolment Service 2017 is held annually at the Yishun Christian Church (Anglican). The enrolment service is held early each year to showcase the Boys' Brigade camaraderie and commitment to the uniform group and the community and to officially enrol a company’s new recruits.

Character Quest

The Boys’ Brigade Character Quest (BBCQ) is an adventure race that was introduced with the two objectives. The first objective is to ensure that biblical lessons are taught in the context of character development. The second objective is to create an opportunity where the boys will learn how to connect their personal experiences with the Bible, through its characters and stories.

Leadership Camp - Fall in for Parade

The BB Leadership Camp serves as a platform for BB members to develop their leadership skills.  It is held annually in Wellington Primary School for two days. Activities include team building games, craft work, outdoor cooking and sports and games.