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Our Infocomm Club was started two years ago in 2008. We have a special group of pupils that were selected to be specialise in Game Making. Our school is proud to announce that up to now, since the club was formed. We had never failed to win competition in Games Creation. We even clinched the prestige Infocomm Club Award in 2008.

Recently, our students joined the 2nd Young Photoshop Guru Award 2010 co-organised by Adamsapple and Victoria School. It is a first ever competition which invites talented students from the schools in Singapore to compete in one of the most commonly used yet indispensable design software today. The theme of the competition was Be Gracious to Nature which use Adobe Photoshop as a Killer Application to create a awareness campaigns as such. Our school entries were all shortlisted and one of our students came in 3rd place. Their works together with other school were showcased at Orchard Central from 17 September - 22 September 2010.


To equip every individual with ICT skills that will enable each individual to be creative, responsible and independent life-long learner.


Harnessing ICT for academic and administrative excellence.

The Project

ict1.jpg This project was started three years ago with the initial aim to develop IT skills among students. Today it has evolved to one that harnesses creative thinking and entrepreneurship for P4 and P5 students. The games designed by these students will make learning mathematics, science and spelling more fun for the younger cohorts. The school aims to use its game making skills to develop new games to teach Kindergarten children on the importance of hygiene to combat the spread of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. 
The Impact
Wellington Primary was the first primary school to explore game making and since then it has sparked numerous projects which have won accolades in Singapore and overseas. They were the 2nd runner up in the North Zone Video Game Development Competition 2008 and the champion for AniMania 07. Besides being featured in local newspapers and magazines, the school was also invited by The Kuwait Smart School in Kuwait to share their success. 
The Infocomm Skills used
GameMaker, Scratch, Open Source Software
The objective of this project is to:
    1. Train pupils not just be game players but most importantly Game Makers. 
    2. Pupils will be able to bring these skills into their secondary school life and share it with fellow pupils 
    3. Educators will be trained and explore the possibility of using Game Creation in their curriculum teaching.

Infocomm Club Achievements 2017

DSC_1136 (1).JPG

7th National Primary Photography Competition (Budding Category)
Awarded: Gold

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-20 at 17.00.39.jpeg
3rd National Coding Competition
Awarded: Silver
National Young Shutterbugs 2017 Competition
Awarded: 3rd Place

Infocomm Club Achievements 2016

SiTF Award 2016.jpg

DSC_1136 (1).JPG

2nd National Coding Competition
Awarded: Bronze

Infocomm Club Achievements 2015

Infocomm Club Achievements 2014

ict3.jpg photo00345.jpg
       National Youth Shutterbug 2014     
Awarded: 2nd place  for 'Pose' category Special Mention Award for 'Zoom' category
Awarded: Overall Champion

Infocomm Club Achievements 2013

ict3.jpg ict4.jpg
YouthChange 3.0 Voice Up! Challenge 2013
Awarded: Champion
National Primary Games Creation Competition 2013
Awarded: First Place for Best Game
ict5.jpg ict6.jpg
Singapore infocomm Technology Federation, SiTF Award
Awarded: Gold
National Climate Change Competition 2013
Awarded: Merit

Infocomm Club Achievements 2012

ict7.jpg ict8.jpg
Infocomm Club
Outstanding School Award
PUB Water Conservation Video Competition - 1st Position
ict9.jpg ict10.jpg
Singapore Digital Media Award (SDMA) 2012 - Merit Award
Singapore Infocomm Federation Award - 2nd Position  
ict11.jpg ict12.jpg
National Primary Game Creation Competition - 2nd Position & Best Modified Game & Most Popular Game Award
N7 Young Photography Competition - 3rd Position  
Project H20 Competition 
- 2nd Runner-up